Application Specific Customization for Magnetic Level Indicator Installation


The customer had a space constraint to install a Magnetic Level Indicator and a Radar Sensor, in an available space of about 300 mm (11.8inch).


SHRIDHAN provided a customized design to fit in to their restricted space. SHRIDHAN was also able to provide an additional chamber with the Magnetic Level Indicators and a Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor which would provide Redundant Measurement for the end-user.

Our engineering and the design team was successful in installing even DRAIN VALVES and ISOLATION VALVES to provide an ALL IN ONE SYSTEM.


Initially 10 units were supplied for a French end-user. After a successful install in early 2018 the customer now has placed a repeat order for additional 5 units.

Magnetic Level Indicator Installation

Digital Level Indicators


The customer was measuring the Volume of the Underground Tank manually by using Dip stick. With only 3 tanks available they were finding difficulty in the level measurement of Diesel. The accuracy of the diesel level was not attained which lead to a situation where the end user was finding difference in the volume of diesel purchased and diesel consumed


SHRIDHAN provided a customized design of Level Transmitter suitable to the Tank Sizes. A Digital Level Indicator which is calibrated to the respective Tank volume for accurate Measurement and Control of Diesel.


The engineering and design team successfully installed and commissioned 3 No’s of Float level Transmitters and Digital Indicators as a replacement to Dipstick which has helped the end user to attain accuracy in level measurement at their facility

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Float level Transmitters
Float level Transmitters
Digital Level Indicators

Magnetic level indicator


Customer was facing a problem of space constraint, hence there was no scope of dual chamber application which measures and control the condensate liquid level. It was important for the end user to measure and control the condensate liquid level at their plant in order to attain a quality and consistency in their production process.

Process Principle

Some oils are light, can be used almost immediately and are therefore very valuable. Other oils are heavy and must undergo additional refining processes before they can be used. One of the lightest and most valuable crude oils is condensate which is used to produce products like petrol, jet fuel, diesel and heating fuel. Depending on the temperature, condensate can take on various aggregate states - from liquid to gas.


SHRIDHAN, by using the above-mentioned process principle, provided the customer with a customized design in combination of MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATOR WITH GWR Level Transmitter. It is a redundant design that suited the restricted space of the end-user

Technology Overview and Advantages

The magnetic level indicator working principle is widely used in level instrumentation. The interaction between float magnets inside the chamber and magnetic flags outside the chamber provide virtually maintenance-free, continuous level information. This type of level indicator doesn’t require power, making it ideal for a variety of applications across industries.

Magnetic level indicators are commonly low-cost in comparison with other level technologies and can provide visual indication of level from a distance. MLI devices are popular in applications measuring high-temperature, high-pressure, and corrosive liquids. When the application is challenging, magnetic level transmitters provide consistent, accurate measurements

Key advantage of guided wave radar level measurement is that no compensation is necessary for changes in density, dielectric or conductivity of the fluid. Further, changes in pressure, temperature and most vapour phase conditions have no impact on measurement accuracy; GWR is unaffected by high turbulence or vibrations; and build-up has practically no effect, meaning no need for re-calibration.

The advantage of having Magnetic level indicator with GWR level transmitter is

  • Redundant Level Technology
  • Increased Plant and Personnel Safety
  • Single Process Connection for Two Independent Devices


The GWR transmitter obtains an independent reading of the liquid level, providing an accurate output even in the case of a float failure. Also, the GWR level transmitter will read the true level of the fluid, even if the density of the product varies.


Shridhan team were successful in installing Magnetic level Indicator with GWR that helped end-user to measure and control Condensate level of liquid, to meet their quality standards. The result is true level-measurement redundancy in a single-chamber design. Shridhan always strived for meeting organisational goals with meeting their customer requirements, and have gained an competitive edge over the product by manufacturing a unique design to fit in the space and the needs of the end-user.

Magnetic level indicator
Magnetic level indicator with GWR Level Transmitter
Guided Wave Radar Level Measurement

Broad Flapper Design Visual Indicators

Since 2016, Shridhan Group has released the new “BROAD” visual indicators for all our magnetic level indicator products. It is a wide-flapper design that greatly improves visibility over any of the other mechanically-based visual indication products available.

Features of Visual Indicators

  • 40MM - BROAD Flapper
  • 60 METER - viewing distance
  • 140° ANGLE - Stainless-steel housing which allows for an unmatched view
  • High quality embedded vertical magnets are used in the flappers
  • High quality, rigid metallic flappers
  • UP TO 450°C - Yield less pivot resistance and can withstand higher temperatures

Benefits of Broad Flapper Visual Indicators

A viewing distance of up to 60 meter is achieved due to the greatly increased area of the indication surface.

The inherent benefits of Broad flapper visual indicators continue to make Magnetic Level Indicators an attractive replacement for existing sight glass technology.

These flappers incorporate a mechanism to prevent accidental flipping due to vibration or other motions. Each flapper is also limited to a half-turn of travel, thereby eliminating over-flipping that is common in competitor’s indicator designs.

Our flappers are constructed of metal, unlike plastic alternates. This is needed for indicators that are expected to withstand years of operation in tough industrial settings and extreme environmental conditions.

Compared to plastic flappers, metal flappers are of higher quality and are more reliable due to smooth metal-to-metal contacts that yield less pivot resistance and can withstand higher temperatures up to 450° C.

Broad Flapper Design Visual Indicators

Liquid Level Measurement Solutions

Do you have an un-usual Liquid Level Measurement?

We have solution for All!

SHRIDHAN Automation designs and manufactures some of the best industry leading Level Instrumentation products used for Oil / Gas, Petrochemical, Refining, Offshore and Onshore Industry applications.

We can build Level Indicators, Level Gauges and Transmitter chambers up to 2500 # rating for High Pressure application. Combination of all materials, NDT and painting specs are standardized to Project requirement.  Additional testing requirements such as, IGC, Impact test, NACE 0103/0175 latest additions.

Switching solutions can be provided through our Internationally approved highly accurate Level Switches.

Level Indicator

Are you looking for a by-pass chamber for high pressure application?

  • We have solution for all your applications
  • We can build customized chambers up to 2500# rating for 400bar pressure rating max
  • Chamber sizes may vary from 2" to 6" 
  • Any MOC as per application requirement
  • Optimized for use with Guided wave radar, Float based/Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters, Float Switches
  • Quality Tests- Magnetic Particle Test, Inter Granular Corrosion Test, Dye Penetrant Test, Radiography Test, NACE MR0175


Certifications: PED 2014/68/EU