Broad Flapper Design Visual Indicators

Since 2016, Shridhan Group has released the new “BROAD” visual indicators for all our magnetic level indicator products. It is a wide-flapper design that greatly improves visibility over any of the other mechanically-based visual indication products available.

Features of Visual Indicators

  • 40MM - BROAD Flapper
  • 60 METER - viewing distance
  • 140° ANGLE - Stainless-steel housing which allows for an unmatched view
  • High quality embedded vertical magnets are used in the flappers
  • High quality, rigid metallic flappers
  • UP TO 450°C - Yield less pivot resistance and can withstand higher temperatures

Benefits of Broad Flapper Visual Indicators

A viewing distance of up to 60 meter is achieved due to the greatly increased area of the indication surface.

The inherent benefits of Broad flapper visual indicators continue to make Magnetic Level Indicators an attractive replacement for existing sight glass technology.

These flappers incorporate a mechanism to prevent accidental flipping due to vibration or other motions. Each flapper is also limited to a half-turn of travel, thereby eliminating over-flipping that is common in competitor’s indicator designs.

Our flappers are constructed of metal, unlike plastic alternates. This is needed for indicators that are expected to withstand years of operation in tough industrial settings and extreme environmental conditions.

Compared to plastic flappers, metal flappers are of higher quality and are more reliable due to smooth metal-to-metal contacts that yield less pivot resistance and can withstand higher temperatures up to 450° C.

Broad Flapper Design Visual Indicators