Float Operated Level Transmitters

Float Operated Level Transmitters

Product Description

Level transmitters are reliable and accurate sensors for continuous level indication and control of any liquid, liquid / liquid interface detection, chemically Compatible with the (sensor) material which are intrinsically safe, unaffected by electrical conductivity, temperature, pressure or viscosity

  • The float is designed for variety of liquids and its unique self-cleaning construction is well suited for even sticky or dirty environments with no float hang-ups
  • Multiple alarm relays adjustable option, HART, RS-232, RS-485 options are available
  • The transmitters are Pre-calibrated in the factory. No need of field calibration
  • The accuracy of the transmitter an be as high as 0.1mm

 Product range includes,

  1. Reed Chain Level Transmitter- FLX Series
  2. Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter-MLX Series

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List of Certifications This Product has:

  1. ABS Type Approval
  1. ATEX Certificate for PQAN HFS FLX VFS
  1. PED certificate