Magnetic Level Indicators

Magnetic Level Indicators

Product Description

Magnetic Level Indicators gives continuous level measurement, Indication and control of liquids. These are reliable and efficient indicators for High pressure & High temperature Applications- Up to 250 Bar & 400°C respectively. Remote transmission of data along with Permanent local indication without external power supply makes MLI a go to product for any application in any operating environment.

  • The MLI’s are designed as per ASME/ANSI/DN standards
  • Various versions of MLI for Chemical applications, Interface level measurement, Thermal Insulation, Steam Tracing, Accumulators applications, Top mounted designs are available
  • Additionally, we can also provide Switching & Transmitting (Reed chain / Magnetostrictive) options available, combining switches / transmitters with MLI, Bridle arrangement for Guided Wave Radar (MAG-RADAR) with  Single chambered Design(SOLO) and Dual chambered Design (DUO) are available

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List of Certifications This Product has:

  1. ABS Type Approval
  1. ATEX Certificate for MLI Series
  1. PED certificate