Float & Displacer Level Switches

Float & Displacer Level Switches

Product Description

Float & Displacer Level Switches Point level measurement switches, designed for long life and versatile applications in liquid level control using operating principles of Float /Displacer Mechanisms.They are rugged, can be used for High Pressure & High temperature applications with internationally accepted approvals for Safe use

 Product Variants available are:

  1. VFS Series   – Vertical Mounting Magnetic Float Level Switches
  2. MVFS Series – Mini Vertical Mounting Magnetic Float Level Switches
  3. MHFS Series– Mini Horizontal Mounting Float Level Switches
  4. BVFS Series   – Bend Version Type Magnetic Float Level Switches
  5. HFS Series   – Horizontal Mounting Magnetic Float Level Switches
  6. MLS Series   – External Chamber Level Switches
  7. CFS Series   – Cable Suspended Float Operated Level Switches
  8. DLS Series   – Displacer Type Magnetic Level Switches

Download Product Sheet By Clicking Following Link

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List of Certifications This Product has:

  1. ATEX Certificate for PQAN HFS FLX VFS