Crisis: COVID-19 Shridhan Work Status

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. We are glad to be back (with 90% capacity) serving our global customers with maximum support. 

We have ensured additional safety measures,at our factory:

☑️ Infrared screening of all who enter the premises - employees and visitors
☑️ Sanitizing work-spaces regularly
☑️ Disinfecting common-areas regularly
☑️ Maintaining social distancing as much as possible
☑️ Educating staff to "DO THE FIVE"
      🦠 HANDS - Wash them often
      🦠 ELBOW - Cough into it
      🦠 FACE - Don't touch it
      🦠 SPACE - Keep safe distance
      🦠 FEEL SICK? - Stay home

We are here to stabilize, re-open (with 90% capacity) and grow with resilience. We are stronger together and we shall overcome! #staysafe


re-opening operations