Sight Level Indicators

Sight Level Indicators

Product Description

Sight Level Gauges are used for visual indication of liquid operation in a process. Different variants are available for variety of applications, namely

  • Transparent Level Gauge employs two transparent glasses fitted with a liquid chamber on either side. The liquid level is indicated as a result of the difference in the of two media. These are designed for High pressure & High Temperature applications.
  • Level Gauge is based on the difference in the refractive indices of liquid &vapor. Light rays entering the gauge is absorbed by the liquid and reflected bac to the observer in the vapor space region. Thus creating a silvery region in vapors.
  • level gauges allows visual reading of the liquid. This can be used for low pressure & temperature applications.
  • Level Indicators is one of the simplest visual indicator which works on the principle of float buoyancy. Reed proximity sensors or Inductive proximity sensors are provided  Sight Level Indicators to provide switching output.
  • scale Indicators are mechanical indicators which are designed for use in standard drum of 210 liters.

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