Conductivity Level Switches

Conductive Level Switches

Product Description

Conductivity Level Swith is a simple, low cost, point level measurement switch designed for level detection of conductive liquids having low densities, high viscosities, containing solid particles and to detect interface between non-conductive and conductive liquids. The probes work through the variation of the electrical resistance between the reference electrode and the level-control electrode. Conductivity level switches detect the level resistance when their electrodes are covered by the medium. If the tank is made of plastic, concrete, or any other nonconductive material, an additional electrode is required as a reference

  • Conductivity Level Switches are available with stainless steel 316 electrodes as standard
  • Suitable for many chemicals and aggressive media which are conductive in nature and dirty liquids, liquids with high solid content
  • Construction available with both Solid probes & Suspended probes to suit fitting requirement

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