Level Instrumentation

Float & Displacer Type Level Switches

Float & displacer Level Switches are designed for long life and versatile applications in liquid level control using operating principles of Float /Displacer Mechanisms.


  • Ideal for industrial applications such as pump control and high or low alarm duty on tanks and pressure vessels.
  • Rugged, industrial level switches specifically designed for variety of applications.
  • High Pressure and High Temperature application capabilities in different models.
  • Wide variety of internationally accepted Agency Approvals for Safe Use.
  • Versatile switching mechanisms for retro-fit situations


Product Variants

  1. VFS Series   – Vertical Mounting Magnetic Float Level Switches
  2. MVFS Series – Mini Vertical Mounting Magnetic Float Level Switches
  3. MHFS Series– Mini Horizontal Mounting Float Level Switches
  4. BVFS Series   – Bend Version Type Magnetic Float Level Switches
  5. HFS Series   – Horizontal Mounting Magnetic Float Level Switches
  6. MLS Series   – External Chamber Level Switches
  7. CFS Series   – Cable Suspended Float Operated Level Switches
  8. DLS Series   – Displacer Type Magnetic Level Switches

Conductivity Type Level Switches

It is a simple, low cost, point level controller designed for level detection of conductive liquids, having low densities, high viscosities, containing solid particles and interface between nonconductive and conductive liquids.

  • Available with 316 stainless steel electrodes standard.
  • Suitable for many chemicals and aggressive media.
  • Sure solution for dirty liquids as well as those with high solids content.
  • Available with both Solid probes & Suspended probes to suit the requirement.

Float Operated Level Transmitters

A simple and reliable sensor for continuous level indication and control of any liquid, chemically Compatible with the (sensor) material, unaffected by electrical conductivity, temperature, pressure or viscosity. The float is designed for variety of liquids and its unique self cleaning construction is well suited for even sticky or dirty environments with no float hang-ups. Product range includes,

  1. Reed Chain Level Transmitter- FLX Series
  2. Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter-MLX Series

Some features are

  • Continuous ‘Float Type’ Analog Sensor, resistive to most liquids
  • Pre calibrated at factory - No Field Calibration required
  • High Resolution & Repeatability
  • Liquid level or liquid / liquid interface detection
  • Multiple alarm relays adjustable option
  • Intrinsically safe option available
  • RS-232, RS-485 compatible

Magnetic Level Indicators

Used in applications, which require continuous measurement, indication and control of liquid level.

  • Circular magnetic system in the float makes it effective from all sides
  • High pressure & High temperature Applications- Up to 300 kg/cm² & 450°C respectively
  • Remote transmission of data
  • Permanent local indication without external power supply
  • Switching & transmitting options available, combining switches / transmitters with MLI
  • Industrial Ruggedness
  • Bridle arrangement option available
  • Hermetically sealed assembly for Off-shore Applications

Sight Level Gauges

Sight Level Gauges are used for visual indication of liquid operation in a process. These instruments are conventionally some of the oldest technologies, namely

  • Transperent Level Indicators
  • Reflex Level Indicators
  • Tubular Level Indicators
  • Sight Level Indicators- SLI Series
  • Drumscale Indicators

Float Valves

A float valve is used to shut off the flow of liquids, normally water, at a pre-determined level. When adjusted and working properly a float valve is very accurate and extremely reliable. Float valves are found in nearly many industrial applications. The concept of the float valve is very simple, which accounts for its reliability and wide spread use 


  • Proportional behavior (The flow is inversely proportional to fluid level in the tank.)
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Compact Design

Rotary Paddle Level Switches

The paddle switch is designed to detect high or low levels of free-flowing dry solids, such as powder sand granules and indicate an alarm or control condition.

  • Airtight sealing device, outdoor application is available.
  • Unique sealing ring design prevents dust ingress to housing along the shaft.
  • The torque force is adjustable.
  • The Performance of torsion is stable and reliable.
  • It is rationally designed, the inside mechanisms can be easily torn down for maintenance and replacement while  still on the silo

Bilge Level Switches

Bilge level switches are safety critical component for the detection of liquid in dead spaces, voids and sumps that are rarely visited or inspected by the crew. They need to be able to withstand years of installation in difficult environmental conditions, yet operate immediately and reliably to indicate rising liquid level, a leakage or flooding hazard. The switch is corrosion resistant stainless steel fully submersible construction with a hermetically sealed SPDT reed switch potted in epoxy. The switch is also designed with a manual lift test mechanism, which can be used to check switch operation.

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