Magnetic Bridle Level Indicators

Magnetic Bridle Level Indicators

Product Description

Magnetic "Bridle" Level Indicators (or cage, isolating column, bypass pipe, external chamber, etc.) is a vertical pipe connected to the side of a storage tank or process vessel typically with side-side or side-bottom connections.

Because the fluid inside the bridle will rise and fall equally with the level of fluid inside the tank or vessel, the bridle has been adapted for level measurement on a broad scale. The use of the term “bridle” refers to a bypass chamber on a larger process vessel on which the level instrumentation for that vessel is mounted. Bridles usually do not have level equipment extending into the bridle itself. Level equipment is typically placed in its own cage or nozzle attached to the bridle.

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List of Certifications This Product has:

  1. ABS Type Approval
  1. MLI and MBLI Atex certification
  1. PED certificate